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Douglas Giorgiani is one of the most sought-after bass players in the New England area, as a freelance musician.
Douglas Giorgiani
Born in Brazil, in a town called Londrina, state of Parana, Douglas began his music career playing his notes on electric bass at the age of 13. He grew up in a "music-filled, church environment" and although he tried playing other instrument nothing sounded as groovy the bass.

His first footsteps playing came when he joined the worship group at his local church. When he turned 15, he decided it was time to move out of his parents' house and began searching to gain as much music knowledge as possible, taking him all the way to Sao Paulo, the Brazilian capital for anything related to music. There, he began taking lessons with Celso Pixinga, one of the most known Brazilian bass players in the world, whom greatly impacted Douglas in all aspects of music. There in Sao Paulo, Douglas really expanded his horizons, where he began playing self-taught both electric guitar and the drums as he became music director for the first time at the Vale da Bencao Church.

At the age of 17, Douglas went back to Londrina where he started playing with lots of local artists and bands. In 2002, Douglas moved to the United States, his childhood dream, eventually settling down in Lowell, Massachusetts. In Boston, he got the chance to explore and greatly develop his musical talents at the Berklee College of Music. Douglas has had the chance of displaying his amazing God given talent by playing for some amazing artists such as Andre Valadao, 2-time Latin Grammy Nominee and has sold over 4 million albums world wide, Sam Alves, the second season winner of the show the Voice in Brazil, Andre e Felipe, and Mariana Valadao just to name a few.

Douglas is currently working as a musician and composer for Studio F Major in Shrewsbury, MA and Bassist for Liberty Worship at Liberty Church also in Shrewsbury, MA.


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